Public Comments to June 6, 2020 CCPS Board Meeting

Transcript of Bonus Episode#2 “CCPS Board Meeting”

Good afternoon and thanks for listening to the RogueCastaways:Hostile Takeover.  I wanted to get this Bonus Episode out there this week, so that everyone that could not listen to the CCPS Board meeting last week was updated on exactly what happened.  I know that Nick & Kelly Lichter have been posting their usual spin aboutContinue reading “Transcript of Bonus Episode#2 “CCPS Board Meeting””

Last Week Tonight:Charter School Scandals

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Whistleblower Lawsuit filed by Pamela Vickaryous against MCA

Podcast Episode #3 “Unchained”

The email in and of itself is a racist act….even though it is unlikely that the author would ever recognize it as such.

Her single mindedness and pure hatred towards people have blinded her to recognizing what she has done by writing this email. This is the true nature of racism. The failure to even understand what you are doing by putting your egotistic desires above all else, even another person’s humanity.

Documents to Support “Read Between the Lies”

“Read Between the Lies”

 Good afternoon.  We are posting a response to the Kelly Mason Lichter email from yesterday evening.  For those of you that may not have received her latest lie-filled rant, we’re uploading the email for your viewing pleasure.  We’re going to hold off on posting Episode 3 of the Hostile Takeover podcast until Monday, but thisContinue reading ““Read Between the Lies””

Transcript from Episode 2 – A Felon, an Insurance Salesman and a Priest Walk Into a Bar…

Season 1 Episode 2 As we’ve stated before, the group of people that are involved with the Mason Classical Academy Scandals are as interesting a group of people as could be found in any school anywhere in the United States.  I am using the word ‘interesting’ very judiciously, as I believe that it takes allContinue reading “Transcript from Episode 2 – A Felon, an Insurance Salesman and a Priest Walk Into a Bar…”

Documents & Pictures for Hostile Takeover Episode 2