Public Comments to June 6, 2020 CCPS Board Meeting

Transcript of Bonus Episode#2 “CCPS Board Meeting”

Good afternoon and thanks for listening to the RogueCastaways:Hostile Takeover.  I wanted to get this Bonus Episode out there this week, so that everyone that could not listen to the CCPS Board meeting last week was updated on exactly what happened.  I know that Nick & Kelly Lichter have been posting their usual spin aboutContinue reading “Transcript of Bonus Episode#2 “CCPS Board Meeting””

Last Week Tonight:Charter School Scandals

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Bonus Episode #5 “CCPS Board Meeting”

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Episode #4 “The Phantom Lawsuit” Transcript

Welcome back to the Hostile Takeover podcast.  Today, we’ll be talking about one of the many illegal strategies that the Board of Mason Classical Academy has used to help retain control of this school.   But first, I want to remind all of our listeners that there is a Collier County Public School Board Virtual MeetingContinue reading “Episode #4 “The Phantom Lawsuit” Transcript”

Documents to Support Episode #4

Podcast Episode #4 “The Phantom Lawsuit”

Whistleblower Lawsuit filed by Pamela Vickaryous against MCA

Episode 3 “Unchained” Transcript

Rogue Castaways:Hostile Takeover Episode 3 – “Unchained” Transcript Well, we HAD several items we needed to cover in this episode of Hostile Takeover to bring everyone back up to speed on what’s happening at Mason Classical Academy….. However  , recent national events have put the spotlight back on race relations in the United States….and IContinue reading “Episode 3 “Unchained” Transcript”

Documents in Support of Episode #3 “Unchained”