“Read Between the Lies”

 Good afternoon.  We are posting a response to the Kelly Mason Lichter email from yesterday evening.  For those of you that may not have received her latest lie-filled rant, we’re uploading the email for your viewing pleasure.  We’re going to hold off on posting Episode 3 of the Hostile Takeover podcast until Monday, but this Blog posting should help update everyone on the latest happenings.  Also, there’s an MCA Board meeting tomorrow for anyone that wants to see the ‘circus’ live on Zoom.

Let’s start with the elephant in the room, if you don’t want to receive further emails or news updates from RogueCastaways regarding Mason Classical Academy, just click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our emails or email us directly and ask to be removed from the mailing list.  We’re not trying to force our views on anyone, we’re trying to share the truth with you as opposed to the misinformation and outright lies that are shared by Kelly Mason Lichter and the current Board at MCA.

And just to be clear, nothing we have done is illegal.  Unsolicited emails are not illegal and you have been given the option to ‘opt-out’ from receiving further communications.  Also, Kelly Mason Lichter has lied to you AGAIN about how these email addresses were obtained.  We’re posting the hard evidence this morning that shows that the email addresses from yesterday’s ‘newsletter’ were legally obtained through a public records request.  

We’ll talk more about that in a minute, but understand that no law was violated yesterday and Kelly’s only goal was to “deflect & attack”, as usual.  If you are a regular listener to our podcast, you understand what it means when Kelly and crew “deflect & attack”.  Deflect to distract you from their ‘issues’ and ‘attack’ the person that is questioning their authority. But, by no means address the person’s questions or accusations. 

Kelly’s statements about their ‘legal team’ and ‘law enforcement’ are once again, attempts to distract you from the hard questions.  You might notice in her email that not once does she deny that what was shared yesterday was untrue.  Not once!

She called the information ‘hateful’.  She called it ‘defamatory’, which is a term that she has never quite understood.  Kelly just likes pretending to know what she’s talking about.

She also asks you to refer any questions to Joe Whitehead, as he is the guardian of truth and justice right?  Well, if you listened to the facts about Joe Whitehead in our last two podcast episodes, you know Joe has shown his true colors as Assistant Principal of this school, going as far as to say he would be ok killing a parent for having shared their story with the media.

Let’s address MCA’s official email last night penned by Kelly Mason Lichter.  She stated in her email that “What we do know at this time is that Christopher Durst did not make a public records request for the email addresses but claims he received the emails from MCA.”

Well, this would be yet another lie from the Board President of MCA.  I am assuming that today she will follow up that email with another communication stating that someone at MCA illegally shared the information with me.  That would also be a lie….but let’s not give her the chance to spread more misinformation.

On September 22, 2019, I emailed a public records request to Scott Moore, the relatively new compliance officer of Mason Classical Academy.  The request was for every email in the MCA database.  Anyone that knows anything about databases would know that it might take a maximum of 30 minutes to export emails from a database into an excel or pdf format.  But, that’s only if it is a really big database.  

Now the law and MCA policy does allow the school to collect an amount equal to the actual cost to produce this information.  That’s fair, right?  So, if the person exporting this list makes $25 an hour, and it takes, let’s even say an hour to do the work, they would be able to charge me $50 for the information.  Easy calculation.  It took quite a few emails and reminders over the next 30 days to get an estimate for producing the list, but take a guess at the estimated cost of the request.  

What if it was 5 hours at $30 bucks an hour…that’s $150. Seem high?

That $150 amount wouldn’t be high enough.  What if it took 10 hours at $30 an hour – $300.  Is that high enough of an estimate?  Not even close.

How many hours do you think this would take?  20 hours….$600….that’s crazy right.  Twenty hours of work to export these emails.  Insane.  Well it wasn’t that amount either.

How many hours?  Well, when I finally received the estimate almost a month after the initial request, the invoice wasn’t measured in hours, it was measured in days.


You must think I’m kidding right?  What could it be, 5 days at $30 an hour….that’s what? $3,600 for them to export an email list from their database???? Crazy.  

Well, 5 days isn’t crazy enough.  This invoice was for 45 days and totaled $12,810 dollars.  You heard me correctly.  They wanted $12,810 to produce the database of email addresses. But hey….they only wanted a deposit of $9,607.50 to start on the work.

I was floored. This was just criminal.  It was obvious that this was a deterrent to asking for this information….which was clearly a legal request based on the public record request laws.  I asked Mr. Moore to elaborate on the calculation and tell me who made the actual calculation. I asked him over half a dozen different emails and would never reveal who provided him the calculation.

We went back and forth on this request for months and months.  It was obvious that Moore was being told to delay, as I would have to remind him every month that I was waiting on an explanation.

It wasn’t until late February that he finally caved in and gave me a partial list of emails.  He was still saying that it would cost $2,700 to retrieve some emails that were not in the regular database, but he did provide me the staff and parent emails, free of charge.

So I ask you folks…..Who is the liar?  I’m sharing emails and hard evidence and Kelly Lichter has nothing to prove what she says is true?  Isn’t that always the case?  She’s telling you her version of the truth and I’m providing you hard evidence of the truth.

Yes, I know that Kelly and Nick Lichter have been posting what they call evidence to their Hostile Takeover page on Facebook, but think about what they are saying.

I’m saying that Kelly Lichter, David Bolduc, Laura Miller, David Hull, Joe Whitehead, and Gina Smith are the criminals in this enterprise.

They are saying that a wide reaching conspiracy is against them and the school.  The conspirators are the Collier County Public School Board, attorney and superintendent, a few dozen parents, the local Gannett-owned newspaper, a local attorney, the Secretary of Education of the State of Florida, several other officials of the Department of Education, a local politician and his wife, the attorney that represents the school district, a private college in Michigan, multiple former MCA Board members, the current principa of MCA, several former employees of MCA, the benefactor that offered to all but donate the school building to the school, and anyone else that has ever said anything against Kelly Mason Lichter.  

Which scenario is more likely?  A handful of people that have now been accused of attempting to misappropriate a large sum of money from the school or the hundreds of people that haven’t been accused of crimes and that oppose the leadership group in this school?  

Look at the facts.  You know the answer.  You know who is a liar!  

I’m sure Kelly is falling back on her old statement right now, “I just wish it would all stop!!!” 

Just resign Kelly and it will all stop!  

Don’t believe the lies and don’t give up on this school!!


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